Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cook the books!

I'm excited to have appeared in a ... webisode? of "Cook The Books," a terrific author interview show conducted by Emily Gould, herself a terrific author (check out her wonderfully sharp and honest memoir, And The Heart Says Whatever, if you haven't already).  We made spicy tuna sushi and filmed the show on a blazing hot day in June, in her enviably tidy Brooklyn apartment.  I mention the blazing heat to explain the shine of my face.  We had to keep pausing the filming so that we could mop ourselves off with paper towels.  All this said, now that we're going on a month of solid fog and 50-60 degree temperatures here in SF--that month being July/August--I wouldn't mind sweating a little.  What happened to summer?  It's almost gone before it ever started.

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