Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy King Junior Day

Max keeps referring to MLK as "King Junior."  The other day, he got into our bed at around 4 am and proceeded to orate about how, "King Junior wanted things to be more fair, and it wasn't fair how some people had to ride on the back of the bus, so he made it fair so everyone could ride on every part of the bus."  After listening for a while, I said to Matt, "I think he thinks that Martin Luther King was actually a king," and Max interrupted and said, "No he wasn't.  He was a HERO."  It's pretty fun to hear a four year old figuring this all out, with some guidance from his preschool teachers, who seem to have their own special curriculum de-emphasizing race and stressing fairness.  It's a Spanish preschool, so he's getting all of this in Spanish, and perhaps there are some language gaps.  I'm also reminded of last month, when the topic of discussion was "families," and he'd come home and say, "You have to respect ALL families.  For example, if a child has no mother and no father, you still have to respect that family...."

Max loves nothing more than public transportation--bart, subways, busses--and right now he's really focused on the bus anecdote.  He usually wants to sit in the back row, however.  Tomorrow, to celebrate "King Junior Day," we are going on a train ride.

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